Sunday, May 11, 2008

[TIPS] authorStream - Slideshare alternative

Again, I found this one while scanning a website made by Larry Ferlazzo ( The site is authorstream: and it looks like it's similar to I'm showing this because slideshare can be VERY slow - to the point of being unusable during peak times.

authorStream allows you to upload your powerpoints and get the embed code, as well, but it offers some other features, too. Unlike slideshare, authorstream will keep the animations in your slides. I guess this can be good and bad, depending upon the the animations. Check out this example: Dont blame the tool, of course. And, if your powerpoint is timed or with recorded voice narrations, it will be converted to both iPod and video formats.

Did you catch that last sentence? If you've got recorded sound in your presentation, and if your slides are on a timer, then it will be converted for download to your ipod or as a video format, like the YouTube videos. HELLO! Oh, and if you put hyperlinks on the images in your powerpoints, they will work, as well. (Not hyperlinked text)

My sample powerpoint loaded very quickly (on this Sunday morning) and it was processed very quickly, as well. I even received an email to let me know that it was processed, although I had hung around to see how long it woult take. I don't think it took a full minute. Maybe it did, but not much longer than that. I'll just HAVE to try one with sound and on a timer. I did email to ask if they support Keynote files, but I'm suspecting not. I'll let you know if they do. They DO support Powerpoints made with the Mac version of Office, however.

The FAQ's on the site pointed to this application, too: It's a free powerpoint to flash converter, but it's windows only.

Bottom line - very nice! Check it out.

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Jagdeep. S. Pannu said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for writing about authorSTREAM. Currently, we support PowerPoint files only. I would also like to provide an update here that we recently added support for text hyperlinks also, along with other important updates. We informed about these new features on our latest blog post here: Embedded audio, transition sounds and Office 2007 now supported

Jagdeep Singh Pannu
For authorSTREAM