Thursday, May 01, 2008

live document

oh no!This is an example of a live word processing document created in Zoho Writer. One nice feature is that as I make changes, this blog post can be updated. I think I'm LUVIN' this!

I've just added this line. Will it update?

Can this be embedded or shared?

This was added after the original was posted.

I wonder if I can put this in a wiki.

YES!! I CAN! Woohooo! But, the document must be Public, meaning ANYONE can see it. Of course, for the kinds of things we do, the public won't be interested. But, must you refresh your wiki page in order to see these changes? We shall see.

I'm going to add something else. Will it show up on the wiki?

I just added this at 1:06 PM. And I just added THIS at 10:07 AM.

This comes from the workshop on May 7 at IU5.


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