Monday, April 28, 2008

[TIPS] A summer Course Offering

I'm VERY excited about a class I'm going to teach this summer at Harrisburg University, and I'm hoping you'll forgive this bit of promotion for it. It's a 3 credit graduate level course running from July 21-25, with two follow-up evening (online) sessions, and one final Saturday session in October.

The course is designed to be a complete immersion into the new technologies on the web, from blogs and wikis, to Twitter and Diigo, to uStream and Voicethread - and... SO much more. The purpose is to transform those teachers whose understanding of the web might have stopped with a Google search or who stopped raising the bar on tech skills when they managed to animate a powerpoint :-) . We're going to start with what we know and then see examples of how these new tools are being used with excellent results in classrooms around the world. We'll build things together, and form learning networks, and learn where and how to continue the learning. We'll get a picture of what PA is doing in the area of Education and we'll take a long hard look around us to get a sense of our global position. And, we're going to make sure that everything we do has direct applications to the classroom. By the time we're done the teachers will be globally connected, armed with excellent tools, and ready to go for next year with a TOTALLY different vision of what a modern classroom can look like.

I am REALLY excited about it. (Can you tell?)

So, if you can think of some teachers who would be interested in such a course and who would come to the Harrisburg area for a week-long course, send this information along to them, will you?

For more information or to register, call 717.901.5101; email or visit online at


mrsdurff said...

So why not put your course online and some of us into the mix? This sounds right up my alley!

Jim Gates said...

That's where it's heading, i think, but being the first time out of the gate we're going to start it this way. I WILL be asking for some folks to make cameo appearances via skype or twitter, etc. Wanna be one of them?