Wednesday, April 02, 2008

[TIPS] pecha kucha - a powerpoint system - if wikipedia isn't blocked at your school - if youtube isn't blocked at your school - paste that link into vixy or zamzar and have a link to the converted version sent to your inbox for downloading.

First of all, thanks again to Sue Sheffer for pointing us to this.

So what IS pecha-kucha? Nothing tricky. It's just a system of showing powerpoints that just MAY be something that all schools will want to investigate further. Hey, if you can put a name to it then it's no longer just your arbitrary rules, right? :-)

Basically, you're limited to 20 slides with each slide being on the screen for 20 seconds or less. Turn on the timer. Let it run while you stand free and clear of it giving your talk. Total time is a little over 6 minutes per presentation. Ahhhhhhhhh..... (sighing)

Of course, I don't know how on EARTH I'm going to pare my 116 slides down to just 20.


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