Tuesday, April 15, 2008

[TIPS] me.dium.com - a collaborative way to surf

Thanks to Marg Runkle for sharing this one with me via email.


Here's how it appears to work. You download a small app. Then you register and start to surf. If other me.dium users are also on the same site you'll see their little blue icons appearing in a bubble on the side. If a friend is there, too, you'll see their Yellow icon. You can then click to begin a chat with that person. Things are archived and.. Well.. check out the tutorial movie here: http://me.dium.com/tutorial

That reminds me of another site that did something very similar, but I can't recall now what it was. I don't think this will ever see the light of day in a school since it requires an install, but it sounds like it WOULD be a great tool to use with your fellow grad students, maybe.

Just another site that is doing its part to make the web a more collaborative place to be.


Jenniferlauren said...

Hey, my name is Jenny, and I am one of the team members here at Me.dium. Thanks for the write up! We are very excited about making the net a friendlier place to surf, and have a team here to answer any questions you or your readers may have about us. We have updated a new tutorial video recently that may be helpful to check out. Me.dium Tutorial

Message me on Me.dium with any thoughts, questions, etc. My username is: Jenniferlauren

Lee Speers said...

Jim you make it hard. Me.dium takes the place of Twitbin now what????