Thursday, April 10, 2008

[TIPS] - the answer to the email issues

Once again, thanks to Alma Rowe for sharing this via email. This could be THE Answer. (Not 42)

This is how Alma described it:
   "All you have to do is pick your name and send yourself an email,
then go to this site and look in the inbox that matches that same name.
Slick!  I have a lot of teachers in my grad classes who can't set up
accounts because their filter blocks the authentication email.  And
might work when students need an email account but don't have email and
we don't want them giving out information. "

Here's how the site describes itself:
   "When a site asks you for an email and you do not want to provide your real one for fear of spam, just give a mail of the form Then you go to and you open the whatever inbox, read your mail and be done with it!"

No need to register!

I'll have to test this, but this sounds like it could be the solution to the issue with getting kids to use the cool sites that require email addresses. Wow!

Anyone using this already? What are your experiences?


John Maklary said...

Using it as we speak to sign kids up for new Animoto Education accounts.

Sue said...

Slick, Slick, Slick!

Mike Uleau said...

I use works great for setting up accounts.