Wednesday, April 02, 2008

[TIPS] Finally - the help I need

Finally there's help for people who are addicted to the Internet. The Center for Online Addiction has wonderful resources to help. I can join their mailinglist, too. I can subscribe to their blog, listen to their podcasts, take some online assessments to see just how bad my problem is, and even read some ebooks on the subject. Tons of resources. I can spend HOURS here!

I'm going to see if I can volunteer to write their newsletter!

Did I say "I?" Er... I mean YOU!


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Anonymous said...

Funny stuff. Internet addiction is on the rise, to be sure. IAD (internet addiction disorder) is not a classified addiction.  The Internet is a social medium, an environment, and people cannot technically be addicted to an environment, only what the environment provides.  Still, age-old addictions to sex/porn, gambling, gaming, etc. are becoming more widespread because of the Internet.

If you or anyone else you know want to limit the amount of time you spend online, or limit the times of day, a helpful resource is the Covenant Eyes filter. Often I don't realize the amount of time I spend online, but when I put blocks in place, it reminds me to get off the computer and do something a bit more productive.