Friday, April 04, 2008

[TIPS] Another great blog to follow - Mr Losik's Blog

One's opinion of Twitter depends ENTIRELY on who it is that you follow. If you follow just your buddies, then you'll read stuff like, "Heading home. cul8r", or "I can't believe my oldest is graduating from high school this year!", etc. But, if you follow others in your profession you are more likely to hear great ideas or get links to great sites.

Such was the case this morning when I logged on just to ask one person about his upcoming presentation this afternoon on I wanted to be able to pass that information along to my middle school teachers. but, while I was looking for him I read a tweet about this site:

Mr Losik's blog is chuck full of fun sites to explore. Do give this a look. He's a middle school teacher from Hamilton, Michigan, and you're going to love his blog!

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Andy Losik said...

Thanks for the plug Jim. I'm a Tip Line follower now myself.