Thursday, March 27, 2008

[TIPS] When I Grow Up - It's Baaaaccckkk on TeacherTube

You may recall the story of the viral video entitled, "When I Grow UP." It's been on teachertube for a while and then it disappeared due, I THOUGHT, to a copyright issue. I was SORTA right - his copyright lease on that music ran out. In any case, Matthew Johnson just emailed me to let me know that it's back up on teachertube. In fact, he has reposted both the original and the revised versions.

The original version is here: (with new sound track)
The revised version is here:

Check them out.

An interesting sidebar:
At the year's PETE&C conference held in Hershey, PA, Kathleen Brautigam (Then Director for Educational Technology with the Dept of education for Pennsylvania) showed this video to the audience of over 2000 teachers and administrators and tech directors. She did NOT know, however, that Matthew Johnson was sitting in that audience. :-) He was introduced to everyone the next day, however, when we discovered that he was "in the house."

Way to go, Matthew. You've created a hit!

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