Friday, March 28, 2008

[TIPS] SlideRocket SOARS!

Once again I refer to a post by Alec Couros on his blog (

This VERY COOL web application is in limited beta right now, but when it's released you're going to WANT to use it. It's a presentation maker that is built to make both Powerpoint and Keynote green with envy. Check out that tour link.

From their FAQ page: "SlideRocket integrates flexible authoring, intelligent asset management, secure delivery and analytics tools in a single on demand application. SlideRocket allows you to quickly create stunning presentations, store, organize, tag and search your assets, collaborate with your colleagues, securely share your slides in person or remotely and measure the results, all in one integrated environment."

AND... they will have an offline app that will allow you to play your presentations without an internet connection!

Watch this one. It will be offered in various price levels, including a free version, but I've got a feeling that if they make the price reasonable that they'll have a TON of people signing up for the full features. This is a very cool web app!

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jenny said...

Thanks Jim. I wrote a post about this last week but hadn't picked up on the offline app. Makes it even more must have! Thanks for highlighting this -just wrote a follow up post with links to here. Love this site -you're doing a great job.
Jenny Luca.