Monday, March 10, 2008

[TIPS] Skitch - for MacOS

MANY thanks (again!) to Sue Sheffer for sharing this one with me via email. combines a free download and the web services to make for a very cool little application.

When installed, Skitch sits in the top menubar. When you're ready to take a screen shot or mark up an image, etc click the skitch icon and get the Cam Snapshot tool, then drag-select the area to be captured. Use the built-in tools to mark it up, including adding text. I grabbed a picture from my flickr account. Then, you can share the file in many ways. I inadvertently dragged the file and dropped it onto a name in my Skype list and it began the transfer. Or, upload it to the skitch website and share it by sending the url to your friends, or grabbing the code to embed, etc.

Very nice - especially the price. (For now, at least) Here's my no-talent image to test the tools:

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mmkrill said...

...and now Skitch interfaces with Twitter!