Thursday, March 27, 2008

[TIPS] Photoshop Express now online

Thanks again to Alma Row for sharing this one with me via email.

Remember this post from a year ago? In it I pointed to a techcrunch article that said that Adobe was going to put Photoshop online and offer it for free. "No way!", we shouted. Well, "WAY!"

Not only can you upload and play with your photographs using many of the photoshop tools, but they also give you 2 gigs of storage in which to store them. And, you can share your images. Very nice!

I've not yet uploaded and toyed with a picture yet, but I can report one oddity. The site doesn't want to load in Firefox on my Mac. It will open Ok with Safari, however. If anyone else experiences this, please leave a comment to tell me.


peoples history said...

It loaded on Firefox on my MacBook ok. It did take a while for the email verification to arrive however.

Pat Randolph said...

I had the same problem, but when I updated my flash player it worked fine.

Jim Gates said...

Updating my flash did the trick, too. I wonder why I had to do it manually. Shouldn't the inability of the page to display force the dialog box to update?

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