Thursday, March 06, 2008

[TIPS] Interesting article in TeacherMagazine

I point this out because it's an interesting conversation about technology in education. It's based around this blog post by Karl Fisch:, entitled, "Is it OK to be technologically Illiterate?" It won the 2007 Edublog Award for "Most Influential Blog Post." In fact, you should probably just skip the top link and go right to the Fisch post. But, BE SURE to click the "42 Comments" link at the bottom of the article to read the comments.

Then, when you're finished, see if you can put into words how YOU feel about the subject? How do you feel about some of the comments? It's an important position to have, I think, because it certainly defines your approach to your profession. I'd love to hear your thoughts - whether here on on Karl's post.


Karl Fisch said...

Yeow, how'd you find that? At least it's web only.

I disagree about skipping the top link, though. I think they should read my post first so they know what the top link is referring to, but they should definitely read the top link - and then comment there. Because that's an audience that may not be reading the network . . .

Jim Gates said...

Good point. OK, folks, read both links!