Friday, March 14, 2008

[TIPS] How dangerous is the internet

Thanks to Couros blog ( for pointing me to this article:

Oh my.. let's try a little shorter url, shall we?  [www_nytimes_com]  There. Much better.

Many of you in PA saw David Pogue speak at PETE&C and you might have subsequently begun to read his blog or his posts in the New York Times. That link points to an article of his in the Times that you may want to read. You may have to register (free) to read it, but I do encourage you to do so. The gist - "“Sure, there are dangers. But they’re hugely overhyped by the media."

Give it a read. Oh, and you'll remember that I point to Alex's blog often, too, so subscribe to that one, too.



Alec Couros said...

Thanks for pointing to my blog again. For those that do not want to sign up to read a number of registration required sites, I would really recommend the BugMeNot bookmarklet.

.mrsdurff said...

Pogue has a refreshing point of view that I wished more shared.