Tuesday, March 18, 2008

[TIPS] google docs tip - Save and Close

I MISS the Save and Close button in the newly revised version of Google Docs. It "felt right" to do that. It felt SAFE to do that. Now, according to the google docs blog, you're supposed to click the Docs Home link in the top right and THAT will perform the Save and Close function.

Maybe. But it just doesn't FEEL right. Or is it just me?


Ken Pruitt said...

I wonder if people will reject things becoming too intuitive. I like pressing "save" too, it makes me feel safe. A lot of what companies are doing has nothing to do with what the consumer wants, its just "new is better." However they will find out quickly and that is the beauty of social. Think Facebook and their idea to tell your friends what you buy.

Hazel said...

As I was working in the air I looked for a button that wasn't there,
It wasn't there again today -- oh how I wish it had not gone away!