Friday, March 14, 2008

[TIPS] gmail update

Several people emailed me after they found THIS:, an article which explains further how that bit of code happened. And another wrote in with this:
"Thought you might like to know I was able to verify the information in Jeff Atwood's blog. G-archiver put out a statement on their website today and asking all of their customers and people who tested or purchased the software to please change their Gmail account information ASAP. the link is here:
It may be possible that this was accidental but ask yourself these questions and let me know what you think.
1. With what seems like a great archiving product for Gmail, why were there only approximately 1700 emails in the account?
2. Do you think its possible that only 1700 people who have Gmail accounts downloaded and at least tried the shareware in the last year, or was someone taking the information and sending it somewhere else?
All this and Google just purchased Doubleclick.....Things that make you go, ........Hmmmmm! Thanks for the heads up Jim!
Remember, knowledge is power!"
So, thought you might like to know. Just a lkittle discussion here.

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