Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[TIPS] Creative Commons on Limewire?

I learned something today. A team of students had created an excellent project for the high school computer fair. THe only thing that threatened to DQ them was the music they used. In their credits of this digital movie, they listed the music as having come from the Creative Commons area of Limewire. Now, my judges are sophisticated enough to know what limewire is and why people use it, and none of them had heard of this creative commons section of limewire. They called me into the discussion and I suggested we call the boys back to hear what they had to say about it. I'm glad we did.

Sure enough, Limewire now recognizes files that are licensed under the CreativeCommons license! They had a printout of the page hidden in their backpack just in case we didn't believe them. (Lesson learned - don't hide the documentation!)

Check it out here:

Verrrrry interesting.

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Jim Gates said...

DOH!! I KNOW it's not livewire, it's LIMEwire. Typo - which I've now corrected AND before anyone had a chance to mention it. :-p