Thursday, March 06, 2008

[TIPS] 270toWin

I was just talking with one of our Social Studies teachers and he showed me a site that he likes to use around election time. You land on a page with a map showing the United States in Red and Blue. A dropdown menu at the top allows you to choose an election year to see which states went which way at that time. And, it shows the popular vote count, as well.

Check out 1860, for example. What happened in 1864? How about 1948 and 1952? Watch certain states as they swing back and forth between parties? What might account for that? Is it a fair characterization to call the South a Democratic base? Below the map see the list of the topics at the time or some election faccts. And, take the Electorial College Quiz on the right.

Send this to your favorite Social Studies teacher.

(Thanks, Chris!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tip. I'll pass it along to our Social Studies teachers.

Love your site!