Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[TIPS] would YOU fall for this?

You get a phone call from a man with a heavy Indian accent. He says that he accidentally withdrew $480 from your account and he’s SO VERY sorry. But, the honest chap will gladly put it back. All he needs to make it happen is your bank account number.


PLEASE tell me that you wouldn’t fall for that. NO WAY, right?


Well, give this a listen. It’s almost 9 minutes, but you’ll get the idea after just a couple, I’m sure.


YOU may be smart enough to avoid these scams, but your son or daughter or parent who is new to the web may NOT be. PLEASE have “The Talk” with them. Tell them that even if it IS true that they got your money, it’s cheaper to let them have it than to risk divulging your account number.

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