Monday, February 18, 2008

[TIPS] PowerUP - game to Save the World

This was on the ASCD SmartBrief:
From the site:
"Teachers, do you dream of a learning resource that will grab your students’ attention and engage them as thoroughly as the video games they play at home and on their mobile phones? Are you looking for a classroom resource that will motivate your students to apply science and math concepts to real world problems? Would you like to spark your students interest in pursuing a career in Science or Engineering?
Enter the world of PowerUp, a free, online, multiplayer game that allows students to experience the excitement and the diversity of modern engineering!

Playing the game, students work together in teams to investigate the rich, 3D game environment and learn about the environmental disasters that threaten the game world and its inhabitants.

Players meet Expert Engineer characters and experience the great diversity of the field. Conversations with these experts and engaging interactive activities allow players to explore ways engineers design and build systems to harness renewable energy sources as alternatives to burning fossil fuels.

Players take on the role of Engineers, working together designing and building energy solutions to save the world. "

This page: has lesson plans and more.
This is a 3d  multiuser game that teaches while they play. Give it a try.
Sorry Mac folks, this one is for Windows only. Hey - it's from IBM. What did you expect?


.mrsdurff said...

What a wonderful resource. Too bad it is a download. Now I have to figure out how to get it on a flash drive.....

Wesley Fryer said...

I'd expect the game developers would realize they can and should develop their game with code that can port to any platform: Windows, Macintosh or Linux. If you want to be relevant, you need to work on all the platforms that are available. Not doing so is analogous to the "ugly American" insisting everyone has to speak English, and refusing to ever speak another language.

This looks like a great idea for a game. Too bad it's Windows-only.