Sunday, February 03, 2008

[TIPS] Chris Jordan revisited

A while back I pointed folks to Chris Jordan's "Running the Numbers" site ( in which he talks about - and SHOWS - the enormous amount of waste that this country alone creates. Sometimes it's measures in intervals of 5 minutes. Other times it's measure in a day. The images themselves are astounding. Check here for more:
But, this 'tip' is about Chris' PopTech video, here:
Listen to Chris explain those images and hear him speak passionately about the issue of waste. Remember, this issue will have to be solved by the students that we're teaching today. Maybe, if you were to play this for a group of them, just maybe they would find the spark to become active in this issue. Maybe when they see the pile of discarded cell phones, or the cell phone chargers (many NEVER USED!) they will think twice about what THEY discard. Who knows where this ball will stop rolling.

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