Sunday, January 27, 2008

[TIPS] supertimer and Blabberize

MANY thanks to Alma Row (no E) for sharing these. I laughed out loud with both of them.

Supertimer is great for when you’re giving your class a fixed amount of time to complete a task. Sure you can have a bell on a timer, but Supertimer is too much fun. Set the time, select the kind of music you want, and click start. The music plays while a balloon inflates closer and closer towards an awaiting push pin. When the time is up they make contact and POW! Time’s up. What fun! Bookmark this one to keep it handy.

Blabberize lets you upload a picture, say of a pig, highlight the lower lip and jaw, then record your message. When it plays back the jaw moves with the words. Watch the demo. Am I just punchy tonight or is that funny? (I’m willing to accept either answer to that question) The only problem is that you must adjust your microphone carefully, since louder sounds make the jaw move a greater distance. With my voice the jaw was dropping off the bottom of the image. But, it’s hysterical. Just takes some practice. Oh, and you can embed your message into your web page, too.

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