Friday, January 04, 2008

[TIPS] The silence is very telling

A couple of days ago I posted (in the blog only) an article that was written by a teacher who is taking an online class entitled, "21st Century Teaching and Learning - The Need For Change." (

In that post I asked for folks to leave comments as to how they would reply to the person who had written the original article. To date only ONE person has responded. (Thanks, Tim)

What does this say? Could it be that nobody else has read that post? I don't know... SURELY with the Clustr Map as it is that SOMEBODY else would have read it. Could it be that nobody else has an opinion? Nahhhhh. People have opinions about everything. Could it be that they are too shy to STATE their opinion. Hmmmm, maybe. Or, could it be that nobody is submitting a rebuttal because they can't argue with the teacher's position?

Here's a nice chance to engage in a little conversation about this very important issue. I hope that I'll find more comments soon. Come on, tell us what you think.


ds said...

Hi Jim,

I definitely commented, but I think Blogger might have eaten it! If I get a minute later I'll try and remember what I wrote and add it again!

ken said...

pretend this isn't me and the following comment will pass through the gastro-intestinal channel with greater celerity:

the 'comment' is too long.

quick little nuggets...that's what it's all about. McDonald's and many bloggers feel that way.

had that comment been snipped and cut down to its most pressing points, I really believe you would have receive many more comments.