Wednesday, January 09, 2008

[TIPS] PETE&C Blogger pre-con cancelled

I'm sad to report that we're going to have to cancel our planned Edublogger Pre-Con event for PETE&C. A couple things have contributed to this decision. First, most of the bloggers from PA are also involved in the Classrooms for the Future program and they're already committed to a pre-conference activity that day. Second, the event that Chris Lehman planned for January in Philly has made a second trip for such an event just a month later to be unnecessary. (I'd love to be at that one, as well, but I just can't get there.)

So, I'm hopeful that next year we can plan to hold that event in conjunction with the PETE&C conference. But, in the meantime, the one that's scheduled for pre-con at PETE&C is canceled. Many thanks to Ken Pruitt for his work to get it started.

Hope to see many of you at the conference!

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