Thursday, January 10, 2008

[TIPS] more "in Plain English" videos

CommonCraft (Lee Lefever and company) have done it again. I just saw two.. no, THREE.. new videos. Maybe not new, but new to me. You can see a nice collection of them here on teachertube: Nice Album. You’ve likely seen the first several, but I hadn’t seen the last two before.

Nor had I seen this one: That’s one about photo sharing sites, in this case Flickr

I’m going to embed these in my blog, but I can’t do that in email. (Another reason to learn how to make an aggregator.


I just discovered that this template isn't wide enough to fully display the teachertube player. Because of that you cannot see the right arrow to display the "Blogs in plain english" video. I'd choose a different template but then all the customizations would be lost. And, I just don't want to mess with the coding of this one for fear of trashing it completely. So, unless I can rescale the player, you won't be able to see the Blogs video.

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