Friday, January 04, 2008


Here's a tip for those of you who love your imovie. DO NOT UPGRADE TO VERSION 08!! SOMEONE, whom I HOPE is out of a job at this very moment, decided to remove all the special effects from the new iMovie. No more slow motion or fast motion. I even tried to figure out how to remove the audio track and, while it MIGHT still be there, it's NOT easy to find. I STILL haven't found it. Yes, you can move your mouse over a clip and see it in action, but WHY ON EARTH would you REMOVE tools in an upgrade?

So, if you loved the special effects in iMovie 06, guard that version! DO NOT UPGRADE!

I will happily print a retraction if someone can show me where this stuff can be found, but the message boards are FULL of questions from horrified users who "upgraded" only to make this discovery.

Hey Apple - What were you THINKING???


Ken said...

Hi Jim- I agree that iMovie 08 lacks a lot...but for a quick way to mash-up a video and getting it posted on-line via mac gallery or youtube, it's pretty slick. I kept my old copy of iMovie HD after reading some forums and would suggest others keep iMovie HD in their applications folder because iMovie 08 is NOT really an upgrade form iMovie HD- it's much different.

ds said...

I'm sure I read that when you installed it you had the option of keeping the old version in your applications folder? I'm also pretty sure I read that apple was releasing an old version (6?) as a free download.

Mind you, stick with version 8. I had to relearn everything, but I really like it now!

Tim said...

I still haven't moved to any part of iLife 08, mostly because I'm lazy and everything in 06 works pretty well. That plus I do more with still pictures and am using Aperture instead of iPhoto.

However, the Apple Learning Interchange has posted a video that may help people understand a little better what the company was thinking when they did such a radical alteration to iMovie. I disagree with the reasoning but it does explain a lot.

Tony Vincent said...

iMovie '08 and iMovie HD from iLife '06 are fairly different programs. Perhaps Apple should have renamed the newest version.

Apple makes available iMovie HD 6 from iLife '06 for anyone who upgrades to '08.

I recommend upgrading iLife, especially since you can have both versions of iMovie.