Monday, January 28, 2008

[TIPS] coveritlive - live blogging tool

I just read about this in Vicki Davis' blog ( in reference to some live blogging being done at EduCon this weekend.

This tool lets you embed your live blogging right into your own blog page, and the result is there to be watched live or replayed later. Embed polls, videos, images, links on the fly.

This is a cool tool for a couple of reasons. For those of you who are lucky enough to allow your students to have a blog, think what this would do for your literary circle lessons. Think of how this tool can turn your students into "on-their-toes" thinkers. Imagine a mob of bloggers at a conference (like PETE&C??) informing the world of the great sessions they're seeing.


My bet is that this will become a VERY popular tool. Live blogging has been a popular pastime of MANY bloggers. It's now become easier. This is taking us one step closer to documenting everything!

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