Monday, December 10, 2007

[TIPS] youtube video show related videos

A reader writes, (I love to say that :-) ) After the embedded YouTube video plays, there are thumbnails that appear inside the widget that are links to videos on YouTube with the same keyword descriptors. How can I turn that off?

Thats a good one, because those little videos could be embarrassing. So, the next time that you are grabbing the code to embed a video from youtube, look for the link called Customize that appears just above the code to the right. There you can find the radio buttons that allow you to choose whether to show the related videos or not. You can also change the color schemes and show a border around the player.

Its too bad that the default is to SHOW related videos, isnt it?


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to turn off the related videos list on the main youtube page?

Stripedgecko said...

Thanks so much for this post on how to turn off related videos. It did turn out to be an embarrassment as some of those related videos were inappropriate for my church site!