Friday, December 07, 2007

[TIPS] Population explosion

I’m a member of The Long Now organization. And I read their blog.


Today I have a chance to get caught up on my reading and I found this post: which features a video (on YouTube) that deals with the idea of zero population growth. Don’t panic. I don’t want to weigh in on this topic, but I do suggest that you watch the first part of this video. It shows ANOTHER video that depicts the population growth of the planet from year 1 to the present. It’s very well done. In the corner are smaller images that show the era that is being depicted as the ‘clock’ runs towards the present year. Watch the graphic of the population explosion.


There are lessons in just this part of the video. I’m thinking that sociology teachers will want to keep this handy, for one thing. Math teachers can use this as a starting point to talk about the math behind the data. And we can ALL benefit from the exposure to this reality.


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