Saturday, December 29, 2007

[TIPS] Nettrekker has big upgrade

This one is for all teachers, students, and parents in the state of Pennsylvania. By now I DO SO HOPE that you're aware that you can have a FREE account on the Nettrekker site. You've been able to have such an account for a couple of years, but in spite of our best efforts to inform you, a great many still have not heard the news. Want an account, email your contact at your local Intermediate unit. That person will tell you how to set up your own account - or an account for your son or daughter.*

Nettrekker is a search engine that returns results that have been evaluated by teachers.W hile a google search might return 13 million hits, a Nettrekker search might return only about 1000. But, Each one is home run! Some folks think it's a watered down search engine. Not so. It's just a very focused search engine. PLEASE give it a try!

Now on to the tip. Nettrekker has just released word of their latest upgrade. Here's what the email said about the upgrade:

The new features will enable you to:
  • Effectively locate a variety of resources to support general and differentiated instruction.
  • Efficiently save only the resources that meet your search objectives.
  • Collaboratively share saved resources to others within your class, school or district.

For more details on the major product upgrade, please go to:

Check it out!!
* Some districts are reluctant to allow students to have their own accounts. Why? Well, for one thing, they might use some inappropriate login name! For another thing, the kids could search for inappropriate things and the school would never know. <sigh> To those districts, I would respond with 1) WHO CARES?  NOBODY will know if their login name is inappropriate. Let it go! You can't control everything!! LET-IT-GO! And, 2) It doesn't MATTER what they search for. Your filter will stop them from getting to the site anyway - assuming it was a site that was rated by a teacher and found to be of value but one which your filter feels is unacceptable. Again - LET-IT-GO! For Pete's sake, give the students their own tools and teach them to use them wisely. Here's one that's a nom-brainer. They can do no harm. Let them have it!

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Jennifer Carrier Dorman said...

Thanks for the info, Jim. I shared it with the PA Discovery Educator Network.