Thursday, December 13, 2007

[TIPS] a little quiz

OK, here’s a little Jeopardy quiz. Don’t feel bad if you get it wrong. You supply the correct QUESTION.


Here you go: “It was 5% in 2001. It was 70% in 2004. Today it’s over 95%.”      What is it?


*Playing the Jeopardy theme*


Time’s up. What is your answer? Ooooohhh, I think some of you got it right. The correct Question is, “What percent of all emails in those years was spam?”


Think about that for a moment. Some of you receive a LOT of email in a day. Lots of people do, right. Yet, GOOD emails account for less than 5% of ALL emails being sent out daily. And if the best filter can only catch 99% of them, then that leaves a TON of them that still get through.


I guess that’s why this post was necessary. : - ) So, don’t be too hard on your network person if a few spam emails get through, even if they DO appear to be obvious.


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