Friday, December 14, 2007

[TIPS] graphwise - GREAT tool

This is the fourth time I’ve tried to send this. No idea why it’s not going out (It must sound too much like that OTHER kind of email), but here goes again….


Again, many thanks to Sue Sheffer who sent this to me via the for:jgates513 tag on


Imagine doing a search for, say, “Iraq civilian casualties”, or “highest paid athletes”, or maybe, “education spending” and then having the site search the web for any tables of data it might find with those numbers and finally creating a chart of that data. What if you could then share those graphs? Does that sound cool to you? Then you must check this out. You can search for, for example, graphs made from table data found on the Web, or custom graphs made by other users.

The only thing I couldn’t find was where to Save the graph. I know it can be done but I didn’t find it.


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