Monday, December 10, 2007

[TIPS] edublogsawards is BLOCKED???

This would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

Someone just sent me an email to congratulate me on the award from edublogs (I'm still grinning!). I had sent out an email to some folks in the schools to say that they might want to check out the list of nominees for some other examples of excellent wikis and blogs.

But... he said that the edublogs awards site ( is BLOCKED at his school!!



Josie Fraser said...

I know - it's one of the reasons we run the awards in the first place - to draw attention to the number of great sites that are blocked and filtered, so I guess it's only fitting that we come up against the same issue :) A few people have been posting an alternative url for people in China - that should work for you:
Ah the irony.

Jim Gates said...

Thank you, Josie. However, I tried it from my home machine which is VPN'd into out network - and it's blocked. If *WE* block it, then I KNOW they will, too.

Oh well, as I've said before in this blog, education must wait util they're out of school. :-)

Sue Waters said...


Well I know that Darren Draper has put the entire list on his blog so if you can access blogger blogs you will be able to check out all the nominees on this post.

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Jim Gates said...

Thanks Sue. But if it even SOUNDS like it may be one of those evil blogs, it's blocked. I'm SURE they can't get to Darren's either. They can't get to MINE, either.