Sunday, December 09, 2007

[TIPS] Cool Google Reader feature

Ever since bloglines started to display erroneous numbers for my unread messages I’ve been using Google reader as my aggregator. ( I’ve gotten used to it now, and I will continue to use it until Bloglines works as it should. Who knows, I may never go back.

But, I found one an interesting feature today by reading the google news blog itself. It’s called Discover. While viewing the home screen of the reader, click the Discover >> link that’s just to the right of the +Add Subscription link. Google reader will suggest other blogs and feeds that you might like, based on the feeds you already have. It also gives you information about the blog, such as the number of average posts per week. I actually turned one down because it said it had 17 posts per week on average. Yikes! I’d get WAY behind on that one. But, I’ve added three feeds, as a result of that feature. (As if I needed more, eh?)

Try it. I think you’ll like it.

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