Monday, December 10, 2007

[TIPS] cheap interactive whiteboard

This video was posted on the Classroom 2.0 ning site.

In this video, Johnny Lee shows you how to create an interactive whiteboard using the remote from a Wii and a cheap pen that he made with very cheap materials. He claims that this interactive whiteboard costs less than $50 to make. I doubt that the price includes the wii remote, though. Can you buy those separately?

Anyway, watch this amazing video. What do you think? I’d love to make one and take it with me when I give presentations. Now THAT would be fun!


Joe Thibault said...

You can definitely buy Wiimotes separately.

I saw this originally on Gizmodo and was blown away (besides being totally confused with how it works).

Making a whiteboard with a Wiimote might be as fun as playing Wii with the wiimote!

timlauer said...

Hey Jim,
Saw this too. Pretty slick. My holiday break project... Congratulations on the Edublogger Award... Well deserved..


lorirodgers said...

Hi Jim! What a cool idea. I passed this along to one of our tech guys and I bet he'll try it out.

Congrats on the EduBlog award. Now I can say I know someone famous!