Friday, December 07, 2007

[TIPS] Are these students prepared for learning in this flat world?

Well, this week, the students in the classroom from Austria and those in Atlanta will be presenting their projects. Next week, the students in Qatar are presenting. Oh, and those students from the classroom in Australia presented last week. Read the above post (if your school permits you to see blogs) to get the link to the recording of that session.

I defy anyone to say that this isn’t GREAT stuff. That makes me all the angrier, and all the more frustrated, when I visit a school that blocks wikispaces, and that won’t allow even their TEACHERS to read blogs, or that otherwise stand in the way of EVEN READING ABOUT exciting projects like this.

Please, check this out – at home, if necessary. Then formulate a plan to present to your school board to get them to relax the restrictions on your network. There is too much at stake to allow that to stand.


Vicki A. Davis said...

And by the way, we're in Camilla, Georgia. That is rural georgia and 3 1/2 hours out of Atlanta almost on the Georgia Florida line.

And yes, it makes me angry too! It frustrates me that it is so hard to get these into all schools.

I want these projects just for my school and my children but for our country! Thank you for pointing this out.

And congratulations on your nomination!

.mrsdurff said...

Explain to me how blocking anything is going to hold any water when anyone with a cellphone (and that is 100% at my school) can access the internet and any site they want anytime they want? How is the school IT going to stop that? What about those internet satellite things that get any computer on the internet when there is no internet - essentially onto any site anytime? How is any IT going to police that? So logically speaking, I could get onto the internet with my class, bypassing the school's server, and go where ever I felt they needed to go to obtain the 21st century education they need. How is blocking going to deal with that? I guess I get as angry as you do!