Monday, December 24, 2007

[TIPS] 10th Anniversary of the Blog


This link was brought to my attention in Vicki Davis’ blog (again). This is an NPR audio file about the blog. What’s very cool is that the story is being told, in part, by the bloggers themselves. It’s very well done. And, it’s just the first of a five part series on blogging. Every once in a while you’ll hear an echo in their voice which represents what would be a hyperlink. And… well, wait ‘till you hear them scroll down the page.


Bookmark it and follow it through the week, if you’re not sure what this blogging thing is all about.


What’s ironic in this whole thing is that Vicki Davis’ voice is heard in this report, yet, for SOME VERY STRANGE  reason, neither her blog nor her OUTSTANDING wiki project won the edublog award, although both were nominated in their respective categories. I thought both were shoe-ins. “Pick it up – it’s a gimme.” (*I* voted for you, Vicki!)

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