Saturday, November 03, 2007

[TIPS] What do you do when this happens?

We all hear things like, "We can't do that here. What if something comes up that's inappropriate?"

I've got two posts for you to read. You know Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, right? They're the two behind the Horizon Project (, and The Flat Classroom Project, (  and others. They're now in the middle this wonderful collaborative project that pairs two schools in Georgia and Quatar. I hope you're following their progress.

But, what happens when one of the tools you've been using suddenly shows an inappropriate ad? Before you read the two articles, try to answer the question. What would you do?

Now read these: and What bothers me is that the project DID almost die on the vine - or at least the use of that particular tool.

I love this excerpt:

Oh, the walled garden people are going to say,

             "Yes! Walled Garden! Walled Garden!"

I say to them,

              "Raise a bubble boy for 18 years and take him to the mall... he won't live a week!"

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Vicki A. Davis said...

Thanks for looking at this project, actually, this year's flat classroom is my class in Georgia, one in St . Louis, LA school for the arts, Shanghai american school in China, Presbyterian Ladies College in Australia, Vienna International School in Austria, and International School in Qatar.

So, we have 7 classes now. It has grown and we have to move further. Yes it was scary! But this is the sort of thing pioneers experience. Thank you for pioneering and talking about these things!