Friday, November 16, 2007

[TIPS] Today's Cartoon

Anyone else see today's Dilbert cartoon? Since it's likely blocked at school I'll give you the details. ;-)

Scene 1: "Mordac: The preventer of Information Services"
Mordac (who has tiny little devil horns) says: "Security is more important than Usability"

Scene 2: Mordac continues, "In a perfect world, no-one would be able to use ANYthing."

Scene 3: User sitting at a computer. The message on the computer reads, "To complete the log-in procedure stare directly at the sun."

Have a GREAT Friday!  :-)


Joe Thibault said...

I love Dilbert and I get it everyday to my inbox!

Lee said...

I liked the other day's as well with the Flash and JAVA reference.