Wednesday, November 07, 2007

[TIPS] Tell a Story in 5 frames


This flickr group asks people to create a story using 5 images from flickr. Clever idea. Check out some of the stories. Can YOU students do this?



ken said...

This is a great concept and one that I am going to share with our Senior Seminar teachers. It's time to demand better presentation skills; from the careful selection of images to the dynamic use of voice!

Jim Gates said...

Yes... and if you haven't yet checked out the Lessig copyright presentation on Ted, rush over and check it out. I thought that was an excellent example of an engaging powerpoint. What do you think?

ken said...

I've watched his Free Culture presentation. Last year, I used it as a model w/ my seniors and they attempted to emulate its style for their culminating presentations after reading Lord of the Flies.

I also like Jeff Utecht's Pecha Kucha presentation: the "20 slides, 20 seconds each and then sit the hell down".

And U. of Chicago school of business 4-slide sales pitch.

There are many good models out its time to push/cajole our teachers and students to create more meaningful, engaging presentations.

But that will only happen when they (and I'm using 'they' to refer to the students) KNOW the content to the point where it is internalized.

So...our jobs are secure for a little while longer.