Wednesday, November 21, 2007

[TIPS] Kindle book reader

Many thanks to Joan Adams for sharing this with me.

“Did You Know… Predictions are that e-paper will be cheaper than real paper.”

Remember that? Well, at almost $400 we’re not there yet. BUT… you MUST check this out. The Kindle reader lets you wirelessly read books, blogs, news feeds and much more. You’ve GOTTA see this video demo on this page!

Project this out ten years. Twenty years. Do you think textbook publishers are nervous? Or do you think they’re already making plans for the conversion?

Better yet – do you think this device will be banned in our schools? :-)

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cassio said...

No, it won't be banned in our schools. Schools will use them to encourage people to read. But to do that we need to ramp up our assistive technology budgets, and make such things available to everybody. And Amazon needs to loosen up and support more file formats natively.. including encrypted Mobipocket sold by other vendors. This is already possible with a little hacking.