Wednesday, November 07, 2007

[TIPS] google docs for educators

Thanks again to Sue Sheffer for sharing this with me via the for:jgates513 tag on


“Revision is a critical piece of the writing process—and of your classroom curriculum. Now, Google Docs has partnered with Weekly Reader’s Writing for Teens magazine to help you teach it in a meaningful and practical way.”


There are two great tutorials, too. This one is a tutorial for Google Docs. This one is a tutorial on the revision features in Google Docs. And, check out the links in the left margin. Plan to stay a while – there’s a lot to look at here.


This can solve a lot of problems, you know. And, remember that you can also get the whole sh’bang here: Get the google apps on YOUR domain. Don’t automatically reject this stuff. Think of the issues this would address.


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