Thursday, November 29, 2007

[TIPS] E&ETV - for environmental science teachers


There are those who will point to this site and declare it to be a very one-sided viewpoint – and the WRONG side to boot. Others will argue that it’s the correct side and impartial. Whatever your viewpoints this is bound to provide tons of material for debate, or some excellent writing prompt material.


How did I find this? First, I was perusing the list of nominated wikis for the Edublogs contest. One wiki ( was mentioned and I spent some time in there. (What? You say you can’t view wikis in school? Shame!) This wiki was put together by the teachers and students of an AP Environmental Science program. It is excellent! Check it out. Look at the books they’re reading. Look at the feeds they’re getting. Check out their projects. This is good stuff.


Oh, and here are the other nominated wikis:
Horizon Project 2007

Mr. Lee’s Math 12 Advanced Class

Salute to Seuss

Welker’s Wikinomics


Hurry and vote for your favorite wiki or blog. Voting ends on December 6th.


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