Thursday, November 22, 2007

[TIPS] cyber-bullying at its worst


You won’t believe this story.


Cyber-bullying has been around since the first bulletin board. But THIS story will shock you. It ends with the suicide of Megan Meier due to continued cyber bullying. But the REAL tragedy and horror of this story lies with who was DOING the bullying. Read it.


You would think that cyber bullying would be the easiest thing in the world to avoid, wouldn’t you? If it’s happening in a chat, block that user. If it’s happening via email, set a rule to auto-delete. But, when it’s happening in your facebook account then only YOU can delete the comments – and you must first read them to see if they should be deleted.


Show these videos to your students: and And remember, if you can’t view these at school, DOWNLOAD them from sites like Just paste those url’s in the Step 1 field, choose your output format in step 2, give an email address in step three, then click to convert. You’ll receive an email later with al ink to the converted movie so you can download it to show to your classes. This is SO important, isn’t it?

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