Friday, October 05, 2007

[TIPS] Why I read blogs

Take a look at this post on Karl Fisch’s blog:


Note how he links to and quotes other bloggers. Then click the word Comments to see what others have said to him about this post. Note, too, how he (somehow) posted HIS comments on other people’s blogs at the bottom of that page. The experience of reading this post can lead you to other blogs and other viewpoints and arguments.


Reading blogs is about being involved and engaged in a constant conversation with the bloggers and their readership. It’s that conversation that shapes your own thinking, either in parallel or in opposition to that of the bloggers. It also points you to some excellent resources, from time to time. And, it becomes your personal learning network. 


In grad classes (all online) we had to work with others on projects all the time. Sometimes that was good, other times not. It seemed to work best with those who have had some experience with learning networks in the past. They knew how to share and contribute. They expected equal participation from all parties. They looked for applications that would facilitate our collaborations. Those with no experience were lost, and they often became “takers” rather than “givers” or “contributors” of information.


Now, Karl’s post was about blocking sites. Maybe you don’t care to participate in those kinds of discussions, but you WOULD like to read the blogs of another 7th grade teacher such as yourself, or maybe those of some students. Maybe you’d like to read some blogs related to your hobby. NO matter where you start I think you’ll find that they can be powerful learning tools for yourself. YOUR professional development.


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