Saturday, October 27, 2007

[TIPS] web based mind-mapping tool

I heard of this one from a forum post at This looks very nice. Looks like Inspiration but on the web. You can collapse the levels, too. I THING there's even a sound feature, although with this slow connection (at the cabin :-)  ) I can't tell for sure.


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Vic-vic said...

Mindomo is a mindmapper, whereas Inspiration can do concept maps as well. If you're looking for a web-based concept mapper, you could try

Despite the 'mindmaps' in its web address, it has all the attributes of a true concept mapper (not limited to tree hierarchy; relationship descriptions), but it's not as pretty as Inspiration.

There are other web based information mapping tools but few of them can make real concept maps, Novak style. These are the other ones I know of:,,,,,,,,

There’s a search engine focused specifically on mind mapping at http://www.MindMapSearch.Org and it has all the authority sites on mind mapping organized into category pages as well - might be useful.

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