Monday, October 08, 2007

[TIPS] - second try

Let's try this again... It must have looked like spam the first time. Get the url for the video on the previous post.
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This one won't be new to anyone who reads blogs,but for those who get their "Cool stuff News" from my mailinglist, let's talk about (Note: It's, NOT!!)

This ap lets you broadcast yourself. "Ustream is a platform that provides live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can use Ustream to broadcast to a global audience." Here is Vicki Davis ustreaming a workshop she attended. It recorded it and archived it. Oh, and if you know of ANYONE who is a better live blogger than Vicki I MUST know about it. This woman must type 200+ wpm and be capable of complete attention to two or more things at once. Amazing!

Now, before you say, "We can NEVER do this in school", take a moment to think about what this means to the connectivity of the WORLD! Imagine the possibilities. For example, I'm going to do a couple workshops soon for teachers-to-be. What if I turned my Mac into my broadcasting station, and I broadcasted the workshop out to ... whomever wanted to watch. I mean.. then BOTH interested parties could see it. :-)

But (seriously folks) YOUR kids could create their own Internet TV show and have a global audience in no time flat. Your students could also have their own show in which they discussed all sorts of issues, taking questions via skype or email or iChat. Your teachers could be doing this, as well. How about an art teacher who just LOVES to draw and wants to have his/her own tv show showing kids how to draw?

Whether you even LOOK at the site or not, you should take a moment to think about what it means to commnication going on in the WORLD! What will it do to TV? What will it do for those super creative kids that you have in class now? What is it going to mean for education if we can't somehow tap into this sort of change? If we continue to line up the chairs and talk at them, while at the same time they are thinking about what they COULD be doing....

Remember, the race is ON! Let's at least enroll our students into the race before it's over.

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Kristin Hokanson said...

Jim this does have AMAZING potential
I taught a class the next county over...using skype, google docs but live streamed the content using ustream. Folks could actually participate VIRTUALLY...think about about taking away the boundaries