Tuesday, October 30, 2007

[TIPS] This I Believe - a new group of students


Yes, it's Anne Smith's kids again with their "This I Believe" essays. I wasn't able (yet) to listen to them but I did read a couple of them and I'm very anxious to listen to them. Once again she used Odeo's player to group the audio files into one neat little player.

From her post:
"These students had to not only write their essay for our class publication, but were required to publish it for the world by submitting their essays to NPR as well with parent permission. Like last year, I found their essays to be pretty good, but to hear them read their essay aloud makes an incredible difference. They truly express their voice and passion for a variety of subjects such as t-shirts, friends, community service, and even family vacations. Please take some time to listen and give some constructive criticism to my ninth graders."

I DO hope that you'll give these a listen and take a moment to comment. Without comments this is a nice assignment. WITH comments this becomes a meaningful and motivational assignment. I'm anxious to get home to listen to them - and comment.

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