Tuesday, October 09, 2007

[TIPS] Pittsburgh goes Virtual on Google Maps


Thanks to Sue Voigt for sharing this article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Go Stillers!) about Pittsburgh now being among the cities on the street view of Google Maps, 'n' 'at. (Sorry, you've got to be from Pittsburgh to appreciate that last bit.)

What does this mean? If you launch Google maps (http://maps.google.com)and go to Pittsburgh, PA. Then, click the Street View button in the right top corner of the map. Drag the little person icon to a spot and watch the fun!

"With Street View, dragging and dropping the icon of a human figure onto a highlighted street will pull up a photo of the street, placing the user in a virtual world in which it is possible to move forward, backward, to the side -- even to rotate 360 degrees."

What fun!

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