Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[TIPS] learning networks

So, you think that schools and blogs don't mix? (NIMSD - Not In MY School District) Well, check out this page and THEN try to say it:

A couple things to think about. Notice the heading, their Learning Network. Right from the start you know that they 'get it.' Have you ever heard me say that my blogs are MY professional development? MY learning network? And check out the heading in the center section, "Join the Conversation." That's what it about - getting folks to engage in the conversation. Those with whom they converse become their learning network.

Do you recall an earlier post I made about how a twitter post led me to a skypecast which led me to a broadcast? That's what a learning network does for you. And it's VERY powerful. I recall a teacher in the area telling me about a presentation he sat through where one person spoke and the other was there as technical support if needed. That person, however, was busy writing php code during the presentation. At one point she sent out a 'twit' to her network asking if anyone knew a particular bit of code that she could use to do.. something or other. Within minutes she had her code. From her learning network.
Now check out THIS post (thanks to a post on about a woman who took her network on a job interview with her. Yes, in preparation for her interview she contacted those folks in her network and asked if anyone would be around who would be willing to contribute during her interview. Among those who said yes - Bernie Dodge. Yes, the webquest guy. How impressed would YOU be if a candidate for a job showed up with Bernie Dodge?

I would have offered her the job on the spot. It's clear that she GETS IT! She brings much more to the position than just herself. She brings the experience from her network.

If blogs are blocked at YOUR school, please invite the curriculum director in for a conversation. Have a list of good blog sites for him/her to see - after school hours, of course. Show WHY you want to engage in the conversation and WHY you want your students to begin to develop a learning network. This is good stuff, folks!

The top link.. Arapahoe SD. Do you know that one?

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